Selection Criteria

Team Member Selection Criteria For World Sport Stacking Championships
Black Stacks Sport Stacking team members are selected by a committee made up from the WSSA NZ & Speed Stacks (NZ) representatives meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  1. NZ Citizen/Resident
  2. Likely to be competitive on the International stage, therefore will likely be:
  • A current or past Age Division Regional Record Holder
  • A current or past Age Division National Record Holder
  • In the Top 10 at NZ National Sport Stacking Championships
  • In the Top 10 at Regional Sport Stacking Championships

Other Criteria:
  1. Parental support to represent NZ and travel overseas to World Sport Stacking Championships
  2. Able to represent the general goals of Sport Stacking with Speed Stacks Inc, “Able to Build Positive Pyramids” and represent NZ in a positive manner.

Expectations for all Black Stacks Sport Stacking team members:
  • First and foremost, all team members will continue to represent NZ and Speed Stacks (NZ) as positive role models
  • Team members must meet home practice requirements and send in their weekly Practice Log Sheets
  • There are likely to be team practices with required attendance
  • Team members must be familiar with the Sport Stacking Rules in the WSSA Rule Book and know the current WSSA World Records
  • We feel that it is very important for all team members to be “tournament ready” so if there is a WSSA Sanctioned Tournament in your area we would encourage you to make every effort to attend and compete. (Check the “Tournament Finder” on the WSSA web site).